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We are a proud boutique instructional design company focused on building quality learning resources quickly and cost-effectively for
education institutions, training providers and industry.

Based in Melbourne, with a highly qualified team of
designers, we help our clients capture their training ideas, shape them into
marketable concepts and build quality learning programs that can be delivered
online, face-to-face, or through a blended approach.

Our approach is simple, and we stand by our work. Starting with a scoping session to understand the brief, we deliver a crisp statement of work that details the scope, timeline and deliverables. We then build out a pilot, refine this if required, and deliver the full project.

Our track record speaks for itself and our team is ready to swiftly bring your ideas to life, and have you ready to deliver to your learners.


Our Manifesto

We design learning resources to assist with business growth, agility and innovation.

We listen to our clients and help them find the most suitable and cost-effective solution to their needs.

We are distinct in our approach and diverse in our delivery.

We believe that knowledge is built through experience and that learning takes many shapes and forms.

We see learners as nomads who travel life in a never-ending quest for knowledge and fulfilment.

To us, learning is a journey that has no end but limitless possibilities.

We are Edu-Nomads.

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