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An Edu-Nomad is someone who:

  • sees learning as an adventurous and never-ending journey 

  • is curious

  • travels in search of opportunities to discover new knowledge and to acquire new skills

  • recognises the richness of diversity

  • shares knowledge, skills, expertise and experience with others

  • aims to grow personally and professionally

Stefania Fenu


Managing Director, Founder and Edu-nomad

@ Edu-Nomad Pty Ltd


Born on the island of Sardinia (Italy), Stefania is a true Edu-Nomad.

She acquired transferable skills through travelling and covering different roles in different industries.

An accomplished business professional with a strong background in the education industry, she is a life-long learner.

She founded Edu-Nomad as a place to attract innovative thinkers, who wish to help to design learning that engages, inspires and prepares people to changes and to uncertainty.

Life is never complicated, she says, we make it so. 

Life is complex and that complexity is a wonderful journey of discovery and growth.

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